After a chip in, why do golfers retrieve their ball from the hole with their hand/fingers?

Why don't they do it the easy way: just pull out the flag and let the ball come up and roll out? Is this against the rules or just a matter of preference?


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A "chip in" is a holed shot that occurs beyond the putting surface. (green). No matter how or where the ball is holed, the player should always retreive the ball with their hands, even if the flagstick is still there. If you pull the flag to get the ball out, you run the risk of damaging the cup, of which takes several weeks to repair itself, and in the meantime doesn't make it very enjoyable for any goler playing after you---pure ettiquette. If the ball is on the putting surface and the ball is holed with the flagstick in without it being tended and pulled before being holed...penalty.

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If they pull the flagstick out and the ball comes out...believe it or counts as a stroke and they have to putt it in for an additional stroke...I once caught an opponent in a high school golfing match who did this and it p.o.ed him terribly...

That is why and it is the truth

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Simply preference, and its ettiquitte too. Its also kinda fun and rewarding.

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Because now, not only do you still have to bend over to pick the ball up, you have to stick the pin back into the cup. Golfers are a lazy lot, mate...

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whats wrong with u? idiot!

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Scott & Ellie are right. It's at least 2 additional strokes if you pop the ball with the pin (one for moving the ball with the pin, the second for putting it in).

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i don't know about the rules, but it seems to me it would
be easier to just reach in and get the ball than to mess
with take out the flag, retrieve the ball, then replace the

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i do that too.. i bend down and get it with my hands..

just force of habit really

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etiquette really. if you have one of those stupid suction cup things on the end of your putter you can use that. if you yank the flag out and flip the ball out you also run into yanking the entire cup out as well. done this many a times. plus there is a rule for it also.

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Because they don't want to take the flag stick out, if the other people they are playing with still have to chip on.

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Etiquette is a major play in the removal of the ball. It is out of respect for the player..

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Scott is right. Pulling a flag and causing the ball to move out of the hole, the ball must be played as it lies. There's not stroke penalty though. Same with the ball rest on the flag stick and you must move the flag to a straight position, if the ball drops, then it hole, if the ball moves out from the cup, you need another shot to get it into the hole. It's the rule.

The rules are that after you hole the ball in the cup, must remove it with your hand (fingers, or any part of the player with glove on or not), then show the ball to the partner and the marshall if present that this is the same ball you have played at the start of the hole. That's why you see most player in the tour hold the ball up after they make it to the hole.

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