How long does it take for Araldite Rapid adhesive to cure properly?

Araldite Rapid is used to join heads to shafts on golf clubs, I glued a set of iron heads onto shafts this afternoon and I want to know how quickly the adhesive will cure with a view to using the clubs tomorrow.


How do you play it?

Give it 24 hours.

What was the original name of the Masters Tournament?

if you mixed it properly it should only take a couple of mins.

it becomes hard when it sets so it can be brittle. best keep an eye on it untill you are sure it is going to hold, otherwise it might crack off as soon as you hit a ball.

How do I eliminate my slice in golf?

Read the instructions - depends on the materials.

Have any tips on how i can drive the ball far and streight?

Is epoxy resin the correct glue to fix golf clubs?

To answer your question, I use the resin to repair printed circuit boards, and in my experience the rapid version takes 24 hours to cure properly.

What's the best way to fix a slice?

Not familiar with this product however when ever I have had clubs re shafted I was advised to wait 24 hours. If your clubs are kept in a dry warm area anything over 20 hours should be sufficient otherwise wait until Sunday.

Wat is the full form of GOLF?

roughly 24hours

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