Any played Snake Eyes fairway woods? If so, like 'em?


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some of the woods are good i know people who think there the best..boom boom used to use them. to be honest i would prefer to play something like snake eyes as opposed to getting raped by a big company for lots of money. The shaft is a huge factor as well as the head. I was once told(how true it is i don't know but it sounds about right) that with the big companys 70% of cost goes into research but if youy sell it 70%is what shaft you have in it
Check out TOM WISHON"S clubs. he used to design for golfsmith who designs snakeeyes. I think it is some of his stuff is good

Hope i helped

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No but I have Snake Eye irons custom made at Golfsmith and I love them

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I've been using Snake Eyes for the past 5 years. Drivers, fairway woods, irons and putters. They are great! I recommend the snake eyes model 650T. Good feel and sound.

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