50degree attack wedge,what is its best use in golf?


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It is about 130 yards to the pin.

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chipping out of sand

What is the dif b/t callaway Big Bertha 2002 & BB x-12 or X-16?

This is a great in between club for yardage in the 120-110 yard range. It's in between a pitching wedge (48 degrees) and a gap wedge (52 degrees).

I have a 9 1/2 degree over sized driver and a 14 degree 3 wood. Why is it easier to hit and stay in the?

Would say it's a gap wedge between pitching and sand. I use 52 Titleist though, good for 90-120 yards approach.

The Score of Golf?

not much as it is only 2 degrees different from your pitching wedge, your only allowed so many clubs, this one is a waste, try and keep 4degrees between wedges or learn to hit partial shots with another club, i carry 4 wedges pw 145 gw 125 sw 110 lw 90 but this leaves me with only 2 woods, i'll change though depending on the course

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depending on how far you hit your irons it is a club to get the ball in the air in a hurry to carry over a obstical, or from inside 120 yds. a sand wedge normally has more loft and thus carries the ball a shorter distance.

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