A good club to hit 175 - 200 yards?

Question:I need something to hit 175 - 200 yards between my 5 iron and 3 wood.
I'm terrible with my 4 iron.
I'm not really doing too well with my 5 iron and 3 wood either.
I'm thinking of getting a hybrid or a 5 wood.
I'm leaning towards hybrids because I've heard they're good at getting out of rough too.
I don't know if I should get a 3, 4 or a 5 hybrid or what degrees of loft would be best. Maybe I need two clubs. Any suggestions including brands?


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if you really think a new club will help get a wood at the loft you need, i'm not a fan of the hybrids but you should still be able to get a wood with the loft you want. an 18-22 degree sounds like it might work

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The problem does not lie with the clubs, but with your technique,.A new club will not help, if you can't hit a 5 wood ( which is the easiest of all clubs ) you have a problem,.Suggest you work on improving your swing.

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i agree w/ bfandrk.

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taking into consideration your difficulty with a 5 iron and 3 wood... i suggest you take in 19 degree and 24 degree hybrids... Taylor Made and Callaway make good hybrids...

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3 iron. Hit it like 5 iron but go longer.

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It's different for everyone amigo. I would rip a 5 iron but my sister would probably hit a 3 wood. A hybrid would definitely be easier to use if you were a beginner so I think you're right. I'm kind of a purist when it comes to the game so I would never buy a hybrid but there's something to be said for new technology and I know many people who really like the them.Taylor made makes a nice set. If you want to check them out go to golfclubexchange.com and type in hybrids.

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Get a Nickent 3DX DC Utility. It is set up like a fairway wood, and hits like a 3 hybrid.

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I had trouble hitting long irons, and was thinking of buying a hybrid. Insted, i bought a 7 wood. It is lofted like a 3 iron. It goes waaaaay farther than a hybrid, since it is just a very lofted faraway wood. I can also hit it out of bad lies in the rough. It is a TaylorMade V Steel. I'm fourteen years old, and can crank it 220 off of the faraway.

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2 iron. Because it is the closest to a 3 wood so you would hit longer. the brand i wond recommend is titlelist.

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iron clubs r good for to shot a space like 160-200 yards.

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If you want to buy a cheap and nice one, Nike CPr Hybrid is the best for you(I've got one too),I think it is very easy to hit and I can hit 26 degree hybrid for 180 yards. It is very easy to control and even you are not a very good golfer, you can just smash it just like hitting the air, its just so easy to hit, so go can have a try with this Nike Hybrid($110 US).

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Go with Hybrid 3 or 4. It will be equal to 3 iron and 4 iron distance

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