Anyone got any golf tips?

I am a beginner and I'm on my highschool team. I suck really bad...but we play double par plus put so it helps a bit...but then again I still suck...Anyhow, I want to get a better score so any tips you have will work


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here are some good tips on golf

Golf magazine?

eye.on.the.ball. Always.

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Practice is the key. Keep good form. Exercise and Strength training will also help..

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try grabbing the club a little more gently it worked to me at first, don't use too much stregnt when yu make the swing and put your feet at the same distance of your shoulers

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Practice some swings with your eyes closed (be sure no one is close by that might get hit). Feel the weight of the clubhead. Learn to sense where it is in the swing. That really helped my golf swing.
Practice, practice, practice. It's a tough game to get good at, so you need lessons and school is the cheapest place to get that. Hang in there.
You'll be glad you did, when you have the time to play golf over the years.

Do I really need a sand wedge?

get a book about golf instruction. I recommend "The Only Golf Lesson Youll Ever Need" by Hank Haney (he teaches Tiger Woods)

What do you think i should do for a first course?

Attach a rubber band to the club and the ball. Saves lots of time!

How could you display a golf course?

Grip: the V formed by your thumb and index fingers of both hands should be down the center of the shaft.

Proper distance from the ball: with the club in your left hand (if you are right handed, reverse for lefties) head of club on ground, arm straight = proper distance from ball.

Technique: Left arm straight (for righties) - do not break (bend) your elbow while swinging.

Best way to learn to play is to learn chipping and putting first. Don't worry about using woods and hitting far until you can consistantly hit straight chip shots (pitching wedge, 9 iron)

YOU DON'T HAVE TO SWING LIKE A GORILLA! Using 9 iron will help hone your swing and tempo. Once you get the stroke down remember the feeling, you should swing every club in your bag the way you swing the 9 iron.

come to Myrtle Beach, SC and play golf with me! There are only 100 + courses here to choose from.

good luck -- don't give up. Remember, leave hitting long far shots alone until you master the short game.

I have been watching golf tournament in the TV for a long time and want to start playing.?

keep head down left arm straight,and reynwater is right about Myrtle beach it has golf course everywhere

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keep your head down

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Best answer I can give you is stay relaxed,play one shot at a time and keep your head down.Have fun too.

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