5 golfers that golf 110, 5 that can score 80.2 man scrammble? modified ? what to have fun but fair and playa

Question:two man scrammble, the team with the best golfer will win, I need to modify the scrammble, maybe alternate shoting. Each player is required to two drives per 9 holes, what?


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I've seen two different setups that have worked really well.

First one was called "The Loop" at my home course. Everyone just goes out and plays their own ball, and then turns in their scorecards at the end of the round. The players were divided into two pools - the A pool had all the guys who shot around 80, the B pool was the 110 shooters, in your case - and the scorecards are drawn so every A player is matched with a B player. From there, it's the team's best ball on the hole vs. the field for skins. Everyone plays hard because they don't know who their partner is until the end of the round...

Now, if the teams have to be known in advance, try alternate shot. Whoever drives on the first hole drives on all the odd-numbered holes; the partner drives on all the evens. Automatic two-stroke penalty if someone hits twice in a row (including knocking in that three-inch putt after missing the five-footer). Just make sure the teams involve one low and one high handicapper, or else it'll get ugly quick.

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