Golf - Stroke play 18 holes - can you retake a putt to practice on a green you have already played?


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Yes, you can.
Rule 7-2 allows for practice between holes at the putting green of the last hole, as long as it does not interfere or hold up the game.

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No. Its not fair. All the practice you need should be done before the game. That's why most courses provide putting greens.

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The previous answer is not at all clear enough...and is a little misleading. The answer is YES.

Rule 7.2 states..That during a round a player may NOT make a practice stroke...whoever it goes on to say...But is permitted to practice "putting" and chipping on or near:

a. The putting green of the hole last played.
B. Any practice putting green or
c. The teeing ground of the next to be played hole.

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You can only retake the putt if it has been agreed in the rules for the day, as it normally causes playing of the round to be longer

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The key to the question is "stroke" play and NO you cannot make another"practice" putt on a hole you have already finished.

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