Did anybody see Tiger Woods on 60 min. this weekend? Do you respect him more for his golf game or his Creati?

Question:on of the Tiger Woods Learining Center in Anaheim, CA?
It's really heartwarming to see him give back to the community like that.


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Tiger's dad did a wonderful job in raising his son and sowing and nurturing the seeds that made Tiger grow into the man he is today.

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He's a legend as far as golf is concerned;he's also an outstanding person off the course. It's easy to take the millions and run,but he cares about more than him and that's refreshing.

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his WHAT?

How do you put backspin on a golf ball why chipping on the green?

Yes both. I admire his skill on the course and his class for giving back and making a difference, because way too many celebs are all about themeselves, so when one isn't and uses his rrewards and his celebrity status to aid others, well, that is what it is all about and makes one into a real hero.

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A great golfer and a great human being.

I guess I have to go with his golf game. His golf is matchless, he is one of a kind in the world. As philanthropist and role model he is great, but not alone. In golf he is alone.Some day he will be matched, but for now no one current or past is his equal at golf.

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Wow, a lot more people know Tiger than I thought. Because I have not spent a lot of time with him and don't know him as a person other than what is created from the media about his personal life I guess I would have to answer I don't know him enough to answer the question, nice to see others that do though. I think it is funny how people build thoughts and ideas and judgements on what the media presents to them in their editing room, don't think for a minute they couldn't destroy Tiger as fast as they have built him up. Greatness courts failure. I just get tired of everyone talking about someone they don't know. How many of you have had an intimate conversation with Woods,,,, none! Dinner?,,None! coffee?,,,None, ohhhyes you have seen an interview, wow for you.

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