Accident on my round of golf, was I correct to say noting?

I sliced a ball on my tee-off driving it into the club house hitting the president of the club knocking his teeth out,I overhead a conversation in the bar later about the incident but said noting no one knows who hit the golf ball.


How long does it take to become good at golf?

I think I would keep my mouth shut about that one...!

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Oh Lol, come on! If this really is true, it's best not to say anything at all!

What career oppurtunities are there with the PGA(besides pro players) and how much are they paid?

You should accept responsibility. That is one of the problems with todays society, no one takes responsibility for their actions.

Could someone explain those ridiculous golfing terms. Bogeys, birdies, eagles, albatrosses etc.?

you probably should've said something.

Do You Agree, that if women can play on the Men's P.G.A, that men should be able to play on the women's?

I was wondering who the culprit was.
Please keep your balls out of my mouth!

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Apologize, man its an honest mistake.

everyone is aware of slicers, they know the risks when they are out there.

Ryder Cup Tickets:?

Naughty,naughty.My hubby hit someone once and broke his watch with the golf ball.As a result he took golf insurance out incase it ever happened again.You can't be to careful!

Are you a disc golfer?

A hole in one!
i think my friend, the old bast**d probably deserved it
well done!

Where is a good place to get callaway hx golf balls?

if you really hit the President and knocked out his teeth, why would you go to the bar later? Get the hell out of there - hope you're golf ball didn't have initials or anything - they might bust out the CSI people and they'll find you my friend - no one can escape the CSI - if you even breathed on the ball, you're done

Why is there so much golf on TV on Sundays? Are that many people into that poor excuse for a sport?

yea, right, like you aimed for him on purpose or something.
President Ford hit somebody once,
so did Spiro Agnew (Nixon's VP)
and the great Bobby Jones once threw a club and hit a spectator. he almost got banned from golf for that one.

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