7 handicap - need new clubs but what?

I played a lot of golf growing up but have not bought new clubs in about 15 years. I have no idea what the best irons are today (Taylor Made, Nike, Hogan)? I am looking for irons, a 3 wood and posibily some recovery wood. I play to about a 7 handicap but need irons that are somewhat forgiving...I play with Wilson Staff Progressives with are blade/forged.


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I'm also a 7 handicap and I would say that most players at this level play the following irons: Titleist, Cleveland, Taylor Made, Muzuno. I would go with irons with some game improvement features, but that still allow you to work the ball.

My bag is almost exclusively Cleveland, but that is personal preference. I'm looking for new irons and looking at the following clubs:

Cleveland CG4
Titleist 804's
Taylor Made rac OS

Bottom line, make sure you demo your clubs at an outdoor range.

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I am a 12 and just switched to titleist 704 and i am
seeing lots of improvements.
Also look into the Phil Mickelson edition for right handers

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See the Golf Digest HotList.I'm sure you can get some good recommendations that fit your game:


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I have just got Callaway X18's but custom made.
I am slowly but surely improving (16 handicap before, now 12)
Whatever you decide to get, make sure you are properly measured, so any adjustments can be made.

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i love kzg irons. theres a new driver out though...i think its called the nokashima? not sure of the spelling but its real hot here. my kzg's feel easy to swing and love em to death

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If you are truely that advaced a golfer Mizuno makes the best payer irons on the market, check out the mp-32. If you prefer a cavity back iron check out progressive sets that give you a cavity backed iron in the low irons and move to a blade towards the wedge. Titleist makes a nice set. The ben hogan rescue woods are solid for their price. Go to a store where there are custom fittings though and figure out what is best for you.

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