Any idea of the value of 4'x3' signed & framed photo of Nicklaus Norman Couples & Watson ( auth 43 of 100)

This photo was a prize in a golf magazine and features a maxfli golf ball. It's a full length photo of all 4 Masters personally signed by each person.


Name the two players who got consecutive groups holes-in-one at the Masters, in what year, round and hole?

First of all are these actual autographs or printed autographs? If they are printed their value is of course a lot less. Autographs in general of someone as important to the game of golf as Jack Nicklaus go for anywhere from 9.99 up into the thousands of dollars depending on what the item is. One of a kind items being worth more. With all 4 signatures on an item such as this (43 of 100) could possibly fetch at least 40 dollars and possibly into the hundreds depending on condition and method of selling. If you are interested in selling this item to the highest bidder on eBay and would like some help listing it, I would be happy to help you accomplish it for a nominal %. Email me.

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Try e-bay

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Suggest an EBay search.

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The sad thing is on today's market so many fake or forged autographs. Just like the the paper they give people saying it real. They only thing you can do is take a picture of the person signing it. What ever you can get for it on E-bay, but I bet it's worth a lot more to you

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