A ? for golfers! How do you play? What's the point? Help!?

Question:I'm not talking about the miniature kind!!
My husband wants me to play golf with him and some friends. Ummm...how do you play? What's the point of it? Is it.fun?? What's up with the golfing outfits people wear--is it for good luck? This is a sport that I've never understood--seems pointless to me.
What do you think? Can I be a golfer too?! :0)

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I was pretty much like you about golf.What is the point? Well the point for me was that my sons were golfing and wanted me to golf with them.

I found someone (another teen friend of my boys' who went to state a couple of times) and had him teach me proper stance and swing and rules and such. I offered to pay him but he refused. So I paid for him to golf with me, paid for a bucket of balls just for him every time we went to the driving range, took him out for lunch...just little ways to pay him. But he was an excellent teacher. He got me far enough that I could golf with my boys without hurting myself with improper swings and stance.

I fell in love with golf. Mostly I think because it was time with my boys but I really did enjoy it and am glad I took the time to learn it properly.

You might find someone to give you a few basic lessons and surprise your husband. It's really great that he wants you to play golf with him. Don't miss this opportunity.

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If you like to drink, it's a good excuse to sit in a cart and drive around some nice scenery with you husband and get a buzz.

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Point is to get the ball in the hole. I find it to be a lot of fun. Generally I go out with some friends (not wearing anything too strange) and just talk and have a good time. You get to take a walk through some beautiful land and there's usually a beverage service. It's a great way to spend a few hours.

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The point of the game is to get the ball in the hole in as little hits of the ball as possible. According to jhon it is...
An exellent game. any body can play, even you. Just try it for fun anbd see if you like it. And according to "My name is Earl" people who get a hole in one buy everbody a round and then earl made sure he got a hole in one every time so he could get free beer. Ha Ha! P.S. It would blow my mind if you sent a free beer to me without knowing my address. HaHa.

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If you seriously want to learn how to play golf, I mean REALLY want to play then I would advise the following BEFORE you ever actually tee up a ball on a course:

1) Take at least three lessons from a PGA pro
2) Practice hitting balls and putting at least 10 times
3) Get a book on golf etiquette and memorize it
4) Get a book on golf rules and try to learn the basics
5) Get three books on golf fundamentals and read them all (take notes)
6) Get a decent set of used clubs (don't pay more than 200)

After doing all of the above, and then playing a round or two, you'll know if you like golf or not.

If you don't like it.do us all a favor, and quit.

If you like it, work at it! The key to golf is practice, and I'm talking about driving range practice, not playing practice..when you're on the course don't get lessons, just play. The time for lessons and practice is when you're done playing.

See my answer to your other question for the point of golf.

Hope this helps.

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