Another term for a round of golf?


If your proper shaft length is plus .25 from standard what is the standard shaft length for irons 1 thru PW?

Let's go "tap it"..

Slap the seed...

Are there any "African" (Black) South African golfers?

Play 18 holes?

In golf, how do you mark a hole in one on the scorecard, with 2 circles, a square, or what?

Hit the Links.

Anybody know of any cheat codes for the Tiger Woods golf game 6 or 7?

Lets go play white ball...

Golf question re:irons?

A Loop

Thats why caddies are sometimes called "Loopers"

I am 13 years old and I drive a golf ball 200 yards on average, is this far or normal?


FOR ALL YOU GOLFERS!!!! Next year there going to do the FedEx do you think it is a good idea or not?

19th hole

Does anyone know the web site for santa teresa golf course san jose ca. 50% discount coupon .?

19th hole is the nickname for the bar.

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