Adams fairway wood?

does anyone have the adams rpm low profile standard fairway wood. not the draw or tour. If so, how do you like it?


What are some good golf clubs that aren't to expensive?

They are made for mid to high handicap golfers , they are very easy to swing and are very forgiving .

What is the overlap for golf clubs as far as distance is concerned?

I personally haven't.

Go here for reviews: Just click on the tab that says REVIEWS to read reviews.

What is your most embarassing moment?

No. But you check ot some preowned ADAMS rpm clubs here.

Wilson Fat Shaft vs S-Yard?

Adams clubs are fine from the fairway, but are complete junk trying to niy from the rough.

What is the best way to become a caddy and possibly be one on a major tour?

I tried god nows how many of these a couple of months ago. The low profiles do fine from the fairway.but the rough is a totally different can of beans. Go with what you like is the best advice I can give you

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