Anyone else tired of Michelle Wie yet?

Why is she competing against men while not having won a single pro tournament in the LPGA? I think she's great at such a young age BUT, enough already. Am I the only one who thinks this way?


Where can I buy Power Hitter Golf Driver near Wilmington, CA 90744?

I agree but the tv and sponsoship money is there. the thing that gets me is she is taking a spot away from someone who has busted *** for years to make the tour and can't play because someone is either trying to sell their crappy product or to get tv ratings

I play golf often and i need a new driver which one should i get? How much does it cost?

Nope I agree with you totally,

Why is Golf in the sports section?

I have a thing for asian girls, so I am biased.

What is your golf club preference??

I think you are not alone. However, the event organisor think differently, they want maximum exposure for their event.

Annika would be more suitable, cos she has won more times than Michelle Wie. But the 'audience' wants Michelle more than anyone else in the LPGA at this moment in time.

Wait till her wave dies down.

Why was S. Garcia paired with Woods at last Sundays british Open final round?

No! I want to bang her and be her boy toy. If she doesn't like me in that way, I'll be OK with being the butler or landscaper because she is a multimillionaire and totally hot and sexually appealing ...

Is it a universal law that you have to play golf when you retire? I hate wearing white vinyl belts.?

i agree wit u i think itz messed up wen espn follows her like dey did barry bonds chasin babe ruth of da most hollowed names n baseball i think dey need 2 giv it a rest

What is the most exiting thing in playing golf?

she should get a job at my local brothel

How does one put a back spin on a golf ball?

No, you aren't. I'm getting sick of her too. Call me when she actually wins something!

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hell yes i am tired of her. with her hoop earings and frilly skirts, i dont know how she thinks shes gunna hit a ball. how is she going to play with the men.when annika cant even do it!!?? annika, who has had YEARS of more expeirience! i hate her attitude, and everything about her..all the media attention she is getting makes me hate her almost as much as i dislike tiger..wait a their equal

Which Golf Set Is Better?

PGA.. Professional Golfers Assosiation.

Michelle Wie: Professional Golfer.

whats the problem?

To Hit the ball better in golf should you try and loft the ball or hit down on it?

While it is fascinating to see women play in the PGA tournaments, Wie hasn't been focusing enough on the LPGA. She is a good golfer, but needs to work more in the LPGA before playing more in the PGA. She is just going to keep setting herself up for defeat and dissapointment.

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