A fun golf question.?

Question:What is your favorite golf moment that you love to tell?

Mine is my first round in the 70's...with a set of rental clubs. Go figure.


Is Michelle Wie ever gonna win on the PGA Tour?

About 20 years ago I'd joined up with 3 Japanese golfers at my local course.They were JAL pilots , and we used to get Japanese and Korean aircrew playing at the course mid week all the time because it is only 2 1/2 km from the centre of Sydney. I was a single and they were happy to make a foursome. I could hit it pretty good ( scratch marker).
Anyway we got on really well. So on the 18th tee I asked one of them if I could borrow his Bic biro pen. You know the cheap plastic ones with the pieces you can pull apart. Anyway I stripped the pen down and stuck the tube into the ground like a tee and put the ball on top. So here's the ball on the pen 5 inches high off the ground.
Now back then we didn't have drivers with heads the size of sledge hammers.They were half the width and half the depth.
So I've gone through the pre-shot routine addressed the ball and pulled the trigger. The club swept the ball off the pen as clean as a whistle and it went like a tracer bullet over 300 yards right up the centre. Ive bent down pulled out the pen tube given it a quick clean, put it back together and gave it back to the guy.
The looks on their faces were absolutely priceless. Mind you I don't know what I would have said if I'd smashed his pen to pieces. LOL
They wouldn't let me buy a beer back at the 19th and even invited me out for dinner that night with them and the hostesses from their flight. They had a 2 day stop over in Sydney. A good time was had by all.

Anyone know of any GPS software for iPAQ for golf courses like on skycaddie?

my first eagle... willis case (CO) eclectic tournament, par 4, 11th, drove the green, and sank the 25 foot left to right putt!! my dad says my celebration looked like stewart pane's old celebration pose!!

Professional Golf?

Hmmm...my moment is a bit negative. A month ago, I'm having the round of my life. Hit almost every fairway, little or no 3 putts...I'm playing so well, I'm not even THINKING about my score. On the 16th tee, play slows down, so I'm standing on the tee box counting my strokes on the back 9...I have a chance to break 80! I've NEVER shot i the 70s! I figure all I have to do is shoot better than 2-over on the last 3 holes and I've done it.

I end up bogeying the par 5 16th, bogey the 17 and doubled the 18th.

Good lesson for me on how hard it is to focus for a full round!

What size golf clubs should a 5'2" women get? Petite length? what brands are good?

this is sooooooooo wrong... but my friend got mad and took this garden knome, broke off its head, put one of those cone shaped cups where the head was(white)... then drew a face on it and wrote KKK. it was the greatest thing cuz he got caught and he had to make a serious formal apology to the whole golf league and the staff. (He was 15)


the low round of my life...on a tough golf course...slope of 130...one under with two double bogeys and 5 birdies

Website for sam's club?

my one and only hole in one at or company golf outing
hit it short of the green it rolled on an rolled in frikkin awesome!

Do golf shaft manufacturers have industry standard for flex?

Last Friday I ended up golfing w/ Duvie Westcott of the Columbus Blue Jackets. He was really good, if we finished 18 holes (we only had time for 16) he would of shot in the 70's. He was very consistent. During that round too I chipped in twice, almost holed a bunker shot from 20 yards and almost made a 120 yard shot. It was pretty good, except my driver which I hooked every time :( Ya that's pretty much it.

How do know how long you golf clubs should be?

My first hole in one. My friends chided me for pulling a 6 iron on a 130 yard shot, right up untill the ball fell in the hole, SWEET.

Tiger Woods Greatest Sports Icon EVER?

One time on a Par 3, my dad whose not that good at golf, hit one right off the toe, just barely touched it. I was on the other side of the tee box and, during my practice swing, the ball came and I accidentally hit it, it miracoulously was a good shot that landed on the green!

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