Anyone help please?

Many years ago my brother and I played in a junior tournament at a course very close to Brands Hatch race circuit in Kent UK, we both won lessons with the pro there, who supposedly was a very famous teacher. We were reminiscing about old times, but neither of us could remember the name of the course nor the pro's name, we would both love to brag how we had lessons from this guy, if he was as famous as we seem to remember etc, can anybody please help?


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Hopefully I can; Dependent on how many years ago this was, the only golf course in that area was Woodlands Manor and the pro there was Ken Adwick, who had a teaching article in Golf weekly and Golf Monthly amongst others, he indeed was one of the most respected teachers of the game along side the likes of John Jacobs. He wrote many books on the game through the seventies, I'm sure if you do a search on his name you will get all the info you need. I was one of those lucky enough to have gained from his indepth knowledge of the golf swing, but more importantly on how to think your way around the golf course. If you did receive lessons from this man you certainly have a right to brag. Hope this is of help and good bragging.

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