When i hit golf balls with the driver they all tend to go curving to the right why?

when practicing driving golfballs they tend to curve off to the right most of the time why is this and how do i make the balls go straight down the centre of the fairway. what are the best websites for giving tips on how to play golf? One week from today friday i am playing golf with my superviser,teamleaders and workmates this is the first time ive ever played golf EVER! are there any tips on how not to make a complete fool of myself, bar not playing i quite like hitting the balls at the driving range not verywell though but i am looking forward to friday anyway so any tips would be greatly appreciated. what sort of balls should i go for?? somebody at work said beachballs atleast then i would not miss them ha ha eh.


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Thats called a slice!! the most common newbie problem in golf.
it is caused by the club travelling on a outside to in path
Golf ball flies based on spin so if the club is coming outside in its gonna cause the golf ball to spin clock wise and turn right.

with this basis you can analyse why your club is doing that,
most common would be youre trying to hit it too hard and thereby using your arms pulling the club in.

so keep your head down till the ball has gone (2 sec after impact)
and try to hit 10 balls with your driver LESS THAN 120 YARD
yes you read it right try to hit it a short distance, this will fix your rythm and get accuracy.

In golf tiger would take ACCURACY over DISTANCE even if he had a 15 shot lead in a major, leave your ego aside and get accurate.

Also spend more time with the wedges, those are scoring clubs

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my nephew cured me of that same problem.
leave your head down, dont look up to see where the ball goes till your completely done with the swing.

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Is your drive bent?

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try changing the placement of your hands.

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You are hitting them wrong
Get some lessons

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You are most likely opening your club face at impact. Take a lesson.

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I love golf. I hate golf.

Check out this website...great source for golf help!


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called a slice,,,your down swing is comeing in a little sideways,,try comeing a little more down with the club,,worked for me,,spent 2 yrs, with same problem

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You're picking your head up, probably... when I slice the ball, that's usually what's happened. Keep your head down and your eye on the ball all the way through your contact.

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Is it windy?

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head down left arm straight don't over power the ball golf .com has tip I taught my wife if she can play anyone can good luck

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First answer has it about right, you are moving your head this is opening the face of your club and you are hitting across the ball not through it because of that, wait till your shot is complete before moving your head to follow the ball. try a slightly shorter back swing for a while to keep a better more rigid body shape when making connection with the ball.

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your hands are open and you push the ball to the right

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The simplest answer? You're doing what they call 'coming over the top'. It means you're leading your downswing with your hands/arms instead of your hips. When you reach the top your backswing, try imagining that your hip side closest to the target is pulling your hips in the direction you want the ball to go, and imagine that this is the motion that is going to pull your arms down from the top. A great golf swing is from the hips, not from the arms. Jack Nicklaus once said something along the lines of "All you need to know to be a great golfer is alignment and grip". Those two things are definitley important, and they in themselves can prevent an over the top swing. Lessons person to person are, however, probably your best bet. Hope this helps.

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start looking for a new job. Or at least you call in sick. you're going to get you fany handed to you.

Are you dummb?

Cut down on your swing.

Don't pull completely back.more like a half swing.

Try to hit the ball with half power.

Also, keep your head down and don't swing open your hips like you are hitting a baseball.

It might not be too fun for you if its the first time and its that important of a game.

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Slicing / Fading the ball (or hitting it off to the right) is very comon for your average 20+ handicap golfer - i do it all the time. For me it happens because on the downswing, the club head does not follow the line that i want to hit the ball creating side spin.

I would suggest having three or four lessons over the next week, but dont expect too much. It will mean that you should be able to hit some good shots though. Dont worry about making a fool of yourself. There are likely to be others playing who are a similar standard to yourself. After the first hole, you will relax and enjoy yourself.

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Check you grip... you may need to re grip your driver, Re grip with Gorilla grip tape from stukontapes. Its simply the best.

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move your left foot forward a little at a time until your shot
straightens up. you are obviously slicing it

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Your not hitting the ball flush with the face of the club. Your probably first making contact with the heel of the driver by just a little bit. Adjust your grip on the driver to correct this. Remember, if you are right handed, the power for the drive should come from your left arm pulling the club, not from your right arm pushing it .

EZGO Electric Golf Cart Parts?

take a lesson!
Highly recommended

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To fix your "slice" problem, start off by keeping your head down and looking at the ball through the swing. You don't need to "immediately" look up to see where your ball went. This will prevent you from looking up and opening up your outside (or front) shoulder. When your front shoulder opens up, you tend to have an inside-out swing, causing your right writst (for right handers) to "break" causing you to slice through the ball rather than a solid contact. This will cause the ball to have right to left rotation of the ball causing the right curve.
Keeping your shoulder and head solid through the swing will force you to swing straight through the swing of the ball which will cause a straight ball path.

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i had the same problem it could be 1 of many things yr swing,yr stance,yr grip,the wind haha only kiddin,yr best bet is to get lessons y will not fix the problem by yrself or reading tips from mags y need a pro to look at yr setup he tell y what wrong then y go and pratice what he advise,s y..

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You've probably got an outside to inside swing which will put the side spin on the ball to make it slice like it is. A good drill to prevent this when you're hitting range balls is to put a towel or headcover under your right armpit and hit full shots with your driver. The towel shouldn't fall until well into your follow through if at all. Good luck.

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you are slicing the ball. this is very common, in fact 85-90% of golfers slice. a slice is caused by the clubface being angled to the right of the path of the club at impact. there are numerous mistakes that can cause slices. the most common: (1) coming over the top: by starting the forward swing with your right shoulder pushing forward, you alter the swing path. fix this by starting the forward swing by driving your hips toward the target instead of using your upper body, (2) a weak grip: at address, you should see at least 2 of your left knuckles. if you see only one knuckle, rotate your hands to the left; (3) bad set up: put your feet parallel to the target line rather than pointing left of the target.

Bottom line: get some lessons and have fun.

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Your Stance , get a lesson

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I cured my slice at the range simply by concentrating on following through on line with a straight left arm as long as possible. I totally didn't think about anything else. Trust me it worked.

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your either coming down on the inside of your swing or maybe lifting your head, your grip could be too far apart, clubs too long lots and lots of answers really jus go get a lesson. my dads a pro so try him out he very good

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The REASON the curve to the right shows up, little loft on the driver, so you get sidespin. You get backspin with the lofted clubs, which greatly reduces the sidespin. Swings being equal, you would get a pull to the left with lofted clubs.

You will NEVER do anything about this in terms of a true correction, until you can force yourself to go on the golf course and aim much more to the RIGHT ! Also, the ball must be positioned properly with regard to shoulder and feet relationships as the golf swing functions in a circle.

You can get my CD, learn golf at home on your computer...

Regards & good luck !

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b/c you sizing it or pulling

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