What makes golfers uset? What really gets them teed off?


Shakespeare golfballs,need info on Black Watch high compression balls by shakespeare?

Slow play doesn't bother me as much as it used to, I love being on the course. What I hate the most is when I get paired with someone I've never met and they automatically start giving me tips. I've been playing for 3/4 of my life and consistantly shoot in the low 70s. Yet some 45 year old who has one round in the 80s under his belt thinks he's Mr. Golf wants to just give me a few pointers.

My rage burns with the fury of a thousand suns as my grip gets tighter and tighter on my helpless driver. I try to blow it off, concentrate, hit a good drive to put these helpless tips to rest.

Two deep breaths, and nice tempo to the backswing, good weight transfer..son of a ** BEE flew right over my ball on the downswing.

Duck hook out of bounds and now Bob the birdie machine has his license to NEVER EVER stop throwing his two cents in.

Finish the round with an 82, Bob (82), and he takes all the credit for saving me from a sure 90 or worse. Now Bob the birdie machine seeks his next victim out for next Saturday and until I get my chance at redemption the fire in my heart only burns hotter with each day that passes.

Where is Rachel Hetherington of the LPGA?

Slow Play

Is this true?

missing a close putt, and people that are slow players and dont let you pass, almost getting hit on a busy day because ur stuck behing some slow people and the people behind you are also mad

In golf, what does it mean in match play when the final score is "3 and 2", or a similar scores?

You mean upset?

Slow play

You're ball keeps falling off the tee

Getting outdriven by their girlfriend/wife

Missing tap-ins

Leaving all the putts short

Getting out of a bunker with 4 shots

Having your thin, hook bounce on to the green

While having your crisp shots go O.B.

I have a karsten ping putter and i want to know what it worth?

Getting that damn little ball into that damn little hole.

Hey who wants to be rs buddies?


Whats the difference between a stiff shaft and a regular shaft on a golf club?

I generally keep calm unless when there's slow play and I wait for 10 minutes and then the guy behind me doesnt wait and drives, narrowly missing myself.

Is a golf-ball collection worth any money?

not being able to find their birdie when they go for a tee break....

Can I turn a 4x2 club car golf cart into a 4x4?

Slow play.
Missed putts.
Lost Ball.
Ball in the water.
Noise during your swing.

What is the cut line on the pga championship?

People who don't know jack giving me advice about my swing.

People walking off the green to the next tee while you are still putting.

Drunks on the course.

But number one is slow play.

Are there any golf courses in downtown Chicago?

Not being able to hit the shot they wanted and not being able to correct themselves while playing a round. Also playing behind jerks that they don't know what their doing.

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