Any tips for the ryder cup?


Where were golf clubs invented?

USA wins and David toms gets most points
monty on the other side

Who thinks Michelle Wie should or should not play in the PGA tour?

Tip #1 - Don't piss Tiger off anymore I think he has a lot of motivation now to do something special . Hopefully that motivation helps the whole U.S. Team to play better . GO U.S.A !!

Why do people shout four if they hit a bad shot in golf of the tee.where did four come from?

yeah don't get I am so stoked that it starts tommorow. I hope we (US) can go out there and kick *** and take names especially since that reporter was talking @#$% about the women from America. Not that one thing has anything to do with the other but he needs to learn what happens when you make Tiger mad.

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