Do Q-Links really work? I've heard some good/bad things about them. Any personal opinions?

I'm a competitive junior golfer, and I've heard from some people, and seen some people wearing the Q-Link necklaces. how do they work (if they do.) Have you worn one and noticed a difference?


Golf stretches!?

A lot of money for a placebo. You'd be better off making your own good luck charm. Be confident in your abilities and your game. Practice all aspects of your game, play a bunch of rounds to keep your mind sharp and stay tournament tough. That's what I'd advise.

Moreso, during your practice keep track of how you play each hole on your scorecard. Include information regarding what club you used, where the shot ended up, what distance, etc. I do this to refine what area of my game I'm going to focus on during practice. For instance:

1st hole 457yard Par 4 (3 difficult);
Tee D-270RR, 177TP 6i SL,PW-10 ft, 2 putt bog.
Draw the shot progression(s) too.

Tee shot Driver 270 yards R rough. Six iron app. from 177 short left of green. PW chipped to 10 ft. Two putt bogey.

As you continue to keep these records, a pattern of errors regarding club/selection and distance will begin to emerge. You can then refine your practice to work on your weaknesses. And of course, continue working with your coach. Good luck.

PS don't forget to keep records(scorecards) of the courses you played. Other courses may have similiar holes or layouts giving you an advantage.

What should i get?

Q-link protects you from electromagnetic radiation (EMR). I think golfers wear the necklaces for a calming effect. I wear it to protect against EMR from hair dryer, computer, etc. I can tell a difference when I wear it. My mind feels clearer - less interference.

I am a guitar tester, mod insert and detune level mods?

It's all psychological don't waste your money !

How is backspin on a golf shot produced?

I think it is a big gimmick...though I wish I had invented it cha ching :)

Does anyone know any golf company that is looking for a sponsor to use there clubs while still an amateur?

No I don't but I do know people who swear by them. I think it is a matter of mind over matter. If you think they work they will.

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