No distance on my wedges?

i am a big time golfer. i am 12, 5'10" or 11". I am a 9 handicap. in the last 6 months, i made a drastic swing change that brought my swing speed from about 70mph to 95-100 mph. i went from being a 180 hitter with 50% fairways to being a 250 hitter and 90% fairways [SOOOOO ECSTATIC!] however, since i gained the distance, i have lost power with my short irons and wedges. i have heard several pieces of conflicting advice. wats my problem?


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Your impact position in behind the ball, it happens a lot when you being hitting long irons and drivers well, your body makes a compensation for the difference in shaft length. Work on ball position and your impact position. Best drill for this is with a SW, swing slowly and stop at the point where you would hit the ball, your hips should be clearing, weight on the front foot and back heel slightly raised. Hit balls in this position and you will begin seeing good impact and muscle memory. Then go to your full swing and enjoy the benefits!

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You may be going to step at the bottom and over lifting on the follow through, try not getting the club up as fast on the back swing and do not open the face of the club at impact.

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you might need longer irons

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It's not about how hard you swing, it's about your form. Club companies spend millions of bucks to help you hit it, so just let the club do the work.

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sound like you are putting too much wait on your back leg, the weight on your back leg is why you are hitting your drives so much better but it will kill your irons.

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