18 hole golf courses for sale in spain with hotel?

looking for a 18 hole golf course with hotel for sale anywhere in spain for an investment for a client


In golf. how do you hit a fade?

I could tell you but I would want half your commission in advance

Is it possible to reshaft a carbon composite golf club?

I can not help you with your question but am curios as to why you would ask or trust anyone here if you are genuine. ?

Pardon my ignorance but if I were in your profession this is the last place I would look for an investment opportunity for a client.

Has anyone seen the Nike slingshot clones by Warrior Golf?

Good luck you can go to www.golf2020.com and find links that may help you

How many player who have played in this years the ryder cup have had a hole in one in there careers?

contact me on dtemplar@btinternet.com varify who you are and we shall talk.

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