Same distance on all clubs?

hey guys, I was recently at the range and noticed a good 5 iron can go as far as my driver. how can i fix this? am i doing something wrong?


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You have some swing issues , for example I hit my 5 iron 205 yards , My average Drive is 305 yards if you are hitting your Driver the same length as your 5 iron you are just not swinging your Driver the way it is meant to be swung , my advice to you is to just get a lesson or two , a second set of eyes will see the things that are wrong that you cannot see yourself , I am sure that will fix you right up and then you can start enjoying this great game called golf !

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you may be hitting the ball in the middle. is it flying straight? is it less than head height while it travels? if the driver isnt getting pretty high in the air as i flys you are not getting under the ball enough. you should be making a slight divit when you swing so that the ball hits the sweet spot on the club. so the angle of the club head hits at an angle to launch the ball up and out.

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Tell me how far you were hitting the 5-iron under Additional Details, and then I'll come back and answer.

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i have about the same problem with my 9 and 7 irons. i need to know what the distance for yours is tho.

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So, how far is your normal driving distance? Whats the flight of the ball? Is it popping up? You need to give better details of your driving.

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There are a lot of reasons this could be happening... Most likely you have a problem in your swing mechanics that creates a similar ball flight between the driver and 5 iron. Best way to fix that is by talking to a swing coach. Another reason could be the equipment that you are using. If you have relatively new irons and a relatively old driver (one made out of wood, perhaps) the difference between the clubs will be minute. The third, least likely reason could be the range balls you are using. Because range balls are washed so many times every day the dimples wear out and make them relatively flat. Perfectly flat golf balls all go extremely short and you will lose a lot more distance off your driver because it is designed for lower ball flight.

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just another thought to add to what has already been mentioned..Some ranges use limited flight'd end up with about the same distance no matter what you hit with those things. Ask the folks at the range about it.

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It happened to me when I first play golf, or buy new irons when I started playing about a year. It will go away when you have a proper swing. Get a pro.

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Well according to the theory that I am aware of, yes you are not getting the most out of your club(s). Below is an example and is not true for all golfers by any means.

Say you hit your pitching wedge 100 yards. each club should go about 10 to 15 yards further.

9 iron 115 yards
8 iron 130 yards

Some people can hit a 5 iron as far as their 5 wood, it obviously means that the confidence lays in that club. But the 5 iron should go about 150 to 170.
Remember that each club has a different length associated to them and that the clubs themselves are different sizes. When you approach your shot you need to make the appropriate adjustments.

As far as the driver is concerned this distance can range from 200 to 300 yards. Remember this is the longest club and your stance is a lot different than your sand/pitching wedge

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