A person hired to carry a golfer's club is called a?


Golf Swing - Ok to sway?


What's a good gift for a golfer who has everything ($75ish)?

yes caddy

How do I get the ball airborne with a 3 or 5 wood?

caddy :)

I didn't watchthe last round of the Masters and wanted to know, how did Tiger Woods lose?


If you hit the golf ball and it hits the light pole and goes in the hole is it a hole in one?


What are a few of the most important factors when choosing a driver? Cost? Length? Degree? Materials??

The correct answer is Caddie.

Caddie (spelled with an "ie" not "y") is
In golf, a person hired to carry a player's clubs, find the ball, get the beer, etc.

Caddy (spelled with a "y") is
a container, rack, or other device for holding, organizing, or storing items: like a pencil caddy. This kind of caddy has nothing to do with golf.

Can Phil keep his beautiful display of perfect golf seen at the BellSouth Classic up for the Masters?


It's the Ryder Cup,and the U.S. is getting their azz kicked again! What's Up With That??

lol a catty

How do you calculate your gold handicap?


Can you hit your golf ball out of the water?

A caddie.or "looper".

Where can I find golf course hole maps?

the **

How do u keep score in Match Play Golf?


What is the best way to stay planted during a golf swing?


Just started to play golf.Need advice?

Caddie or Looper

Is there a simple method to cure a golf slice?

bag **

Lesbians on the LPGA?


What is the origin of the golf terms 'ambrose' and 'stableford'?

Hired hand.


How many majors are in Golf every year?


I want to play the private Long Cove Golf Club in Hilton Head, SC but am not a member. Any ideas?


Does a ball really make a difference in golf?

It depends on how much he's getting paid. If it's little or nothing then he's called a sucker.

How many dimples does a golf ball have?

all of the ones above Mine

Will a golf club with a graphite shaft hit the ball farther than a steel shaft?

The Caddy.

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