Anyone have cheese to go with Tiger's whine? I, for one, am glad he was the first loser today!?


Do you have a video on the golf swing?

I am pleased to see a new face winning a major tournament. Tiger played horribly on 17 & 18 all week and has no one to blame but himself. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come(Tiger not winning every event).

Whats the definition of a Links course in Golf?

It's interesting that in all 12 of his majors that he's won he's been in the lead or tied, going into the final round. And, like today, every time in a major where he hasn't had the lead after 3 rounds he's lost.

I think the fact that he folded like a tent today on the back nine probably takes away some of his mystique so that at the next major the younger crop of players will hold up better when they're in the hunt.

Good for Zack Johnson.

Iron or wood?

Well ive called it since Wednesday that Tiger would not just pissed that a european didnt win. Two years in a row Padraig screws up in the last few holes...ahhh! =[

Is hitting you'r driver really as hard as many people say it is?

This is a game of the best man for 4 days. Johnson was the best this weekend. I see no reason to demean Woods. He played hard, made some bonehead shots but, hey, he's human.

Instead of ragging Woods, congratulate Johnson. To rag Woods is to rag the finest golfer of our time - why do that? He's done more for golf than anyone since the Arnie/Jack show. His legacy will be around long after he's gone and I, for one, will be glad I was around to see him play.

Why can the women of the LPGA wear shorts and the men of PGA cant?

How about showing a little class and saying Congratulations to Zach Johnson for his second PGA win ! By the way how many does Tiger have ?

How do I keep my ball from slicing?

It's the same as it was in the 70s when Nicklaus was winning all the time. Everyone bashed him. Personally I like to see the best golfer win on a particular weekend. This week it was Zach Johnson Next week it might be someone else. That's why it's a sport. Every sport has one or two players who are the best. But they don't win every time. That's what makes it fun to watch. And I for one didn't hear him do any whining.

Whats the most expensive golf club where you live?

yall are forgetting that tiger woods is human and can make mistakes. but with out a doubt he is the best golfer by far. because he is who he is. everybody else has to step up there game which will make the golfing experience to watch. far as seeing him loose i think will make him a better golfer and he probley wont loose another one for the rest of the year. hes great so yall just watch yall are going to see some great golf this year.

Whats pebble beach like?

Poor Phil fan. You just can't take it can you.

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