Any advice about buying golf clubs?

I'm in the market to get my boyfriend a new set of golf clubs but I have no idea what qualities I have to look for. Any advice? And are there any websites that would be useful to buy and/or information?


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Why not surprise him? Take him out for lunch then stop by Sports Authority or a similar store and have him pick out his own? Does he know you are doing this? If not, it would knock his socks off.

some guys get all the luck..

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Get them fitted. Let him select them because clubs can be very personel. I like Calaway but they are not for everyone. This shaft height can be a big difference as well. That is why you should get them fitted.

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if it is going to be a secret, ask his friends that he golfs with what he likes. There are so many choices and personal preferences, I would ask the friends. I think the websites would be confusing unless you already know what you are looking for. Good luck

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If you find the set of golf clubs you want, then try Some of the clubs are brand new and are half the price

I am looking for the small golf bags that are seen on resort driving ranges to hold the range balls. Where ?

The most important criteria to consider for irons is Cast heads with Cavity backs! These clubs are the most forgiving and better for the masses, as compared to forged clubs (which are for low handicappers or professionals).

A normal set of irons are a 3 iron through Pitching Wedge. A good Sand Wedge is needed along with a putter and some sort of woods (Driver = 1 wood). A 3 and 5 wood come in handy if the golfer plays a lot of golf, but not needed.

Check out the sites for Golf Galaxy & Golfsmith listed below.

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One of the main considerations will be his skill level. If he is a beginner I would get him the game improvement models that are easier to hit. If he is a VG player you will want to ask his golf buddies to drop hints for you and see what he is jones-in for. Every avid golfer has a eye out for a certain brand/model that they would like to has just about every brand out there .Good Luck

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It depends which kind you want to get such as If you wanted to follow the players golf clubs, you can buy slingshot that Tiger Woods use. It is really expensive though. Their are all lot of Good golf clubs out there but the best one would be custom made golf clubs. you have to go to a store and they will measure your height and other things and make you a special golf clubs just for you. If you grow, then you can take it top the store and they fix it for you free sometimes. I hope that I helped Bye.

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go to or go to dicks sporting goods. Talk to a worker there they got me clubs and i have been shooting better for years and they are priced low and last long.

Website for Nitro golf?

Go to:

They have a list of the best clubs.

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Get him to check out the following articles site on golf:

There's lots of information on there he might find interesting, if he has a passion for golf.

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You can't pick out the clubs that are right for him. Ask him in a round about way or surprise him on his birthday with a visit to a golf shop where he can be fitted and choose. Be prepared to spend over $1,000 or maybe you want to just get him a new set of woods for maybe $700, a new set of fairway woods for $400, or a new driver for $400. There are also lob wedges and gap wedges or a putter for under $100. My whole set cost $1,200 plus tax at a discounted price. The bag was $150 and the shoes were $130.

If you get an exact model number, shaft stiffness, lie and loft out of him, you can get them on Ebay at better prices but, if something happens to them, a head comes off or something, you won't have any place to take them back to.

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the only right thing to do is to find a golf professional, get a gift certificate and have him/her fit a set of irons to him specifically. if he can 'only' play name brands than you will have to research that. a lot of people fit knockoffs and off brands. some off brands easily complete and are sometimes better than major name brands. a couple of these companies are kzg and nakashima. if you have to get him a physical product then just buy anything and ask them if he can return it and get fitted for something he likes or has had his eye on.

by the way, you should be doing your homework and finding out what irons he wants. i mean he's your bf. if you don't listen to him ramble on about 'useless' talk of golf, then how will you know when he will say i really want these but...

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Clubs can be very personal unless your bf doesn't care.

So my advice is not to unless you plan to get surprised yourself.

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My babe thinks the only club out there is CALLAWAY, personally I think NIKE is the way to go. When I hit with Callaway it sounds like CRACK. With Nike, when I hit that golf ball it sounds like a sweet SWOOSH, amazingly beautiful. Golf isn't my game, but if it was it would be NIKE all the way.

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Some of the irons that i have are top flight irons. They r a good set and they cost about 600. But the sweet spot is bigger and it feels really good. Another good brand is Callaway. And get the nike sasquatch it is a 460cc to it and it hits nicely. But it's around 260 hope this helped

Want a site to replace difficult to find individual titleist 822 oversize golf irons?

Titleist, Taylor Made, and Callaway are sure bets. The main question is how much money to spend.

You can get golf advice at

- Jim

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