2007 "Master" Champion - Zach Taylor. other than the coveted green jacket...what are his cash winnings?

endorsements also. what about 2nd and 3rd?


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You can see a pay out list on www.pgatour.com

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I won't answer about the prize money because several have done it already.

Several years ago I read that a major victory (and they don't come bigger than the Masters) is worth $10 million in terms of endorsements for an unheralded winner. Personally, I think that number is a bit low. Perhaps $20-25 million over a career, before tax and agent fees, etc. . .

Zach could try to negotiate a richer deal with his sponsors. Phil left Titleist after he won his first jacket. Hope this helps.

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The commentators are not allowed to discuss the prize money. It will be in Monday's newspaper.

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I would imagine about $1.7 million.

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its zach johnson not zach taylor

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Not only is there prize money, but there are exemptions galore. He is exempt from qualifying at all the majors for years, not to mention the regular tour.

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The Masters purse will be at least $7million. The winner will get 18% of the total purse.
Three Putt's answer wasn't that lenghty when I submitted my answer. How many chances do we get?

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The winner of the Masters gets $1.3 Million. His name is Zach Johnson by the way.

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Zach Johnson got $1.3 million for winning the Masters. He probably as well got quite a bonus from all his sponsors and it will give him more sponsorship opprotunities.

He is also exempt for life at the Masters, and will be exempt at the majors for the next 5 years.

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