Is golf a rich sport?

Why is it that people think people who play golf are rich? Or rich people play golf? Why is that?


Player putts from wrong marker on the green what is the penalty?

Golf can be as expensive as you make it. Obviously you have a range of variety of equipment from both end of the scale for pricing. Same as clothing and courses themselves. Once you've initially got your equiment,golf membership the only thing you need to spend money on is comp fees. So no it's not a rich sport in comparison to say go karting or motorsport

What callawy driver was deemed illegal?

Because most golf courses are expensive
but there are a lot that are affordable

How can i get to all of the in casper?

It's been steroetyped because a lot of rich people are members of really expensive, fancy country clubs...that have beautiful golf courses. So it's been stigmatized that rich people golf and talk about business while playing golf. Woot!

If I were to go buy a set of irons and a driver which ones should I buy?

yes, once you have your card, even appearance fees can be lucrative.

Ok, I am in need of a website that enables me to better understand the golf swing. Please share if you know?

I always thought it was senoirs and really cool people sport, not a rich person-y sport but i could see why people might see it as a rich person sport. It maybe because of moive peceptions and many rich people do play and also middle class but really it is an everyone sport.

In golf is the littler the number on the club mean you will hit the ball farther or shorter?

Go watch Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack. Then you will understand the truth. It can be an expensive sport though. greens fees can be 100+ bucks and nice and new clubs are really expensive, around 1000 bucks for a top of the line set. There is also really cheap couses an clubs as well. People just like to pay attention to the rich and ignore the poor.

Which brand/model hybrid club is best alternative to a 2 iron? Steel or Graphite shaft?

I think its because it's hard to imagine rich, clean, nice-clothed people sweating by playing pretty much any other sport. It just doesn't work that way.

What is the biggest news websites about golf?

All I ever see is rich OLD white men playing it. I really can't stand it but it is one of the few sports that women can get rich playing, I think tennis is the other, so even thou I don't like it I will encourage my daughter to try it.

Ryder Cup - USA diaster - what ails?

clubs cost a lot, and greens fees are pretty high, too.

28 bucks or something more than that to play 18 holes, not including lost balls.

you could bowl for a week! oy.

I need a new set of Golf Clubs?

very expensive but worth it...

Can you tell me what a good full set of Golf Clubs are for $300-$400?

i would say it is if you have top of the line gear and play really nice courses.

Where can I get good golf lessons in northwestern PA?

Because when golf was becoming more and more popular in the 30's and 40's celebrities started buying clubs, so when a celebrity gets something the fans are gonna buy them too, so golf brands jacked up there prices(they are still about $900) so the "non-golfers" looked at the price and assumed you had to be a rich person to play this.

WELL DONE EUROPE.will USA ever win the Ryder cup again?

depends on where u play. most local golf courses are in debt so they have to have the prices a little high. golf courses are very expensive to build and it may sometimes take a golf owner over 10 years just to start making profit from his golf course. so that's why courses can be a little expensive.

How is slope rating in golf measured?

Yes, what old, rich, white gut is going to get dirty and sweaty playing other sports? Also membership and/or green fees are very expensive. Clubs are also very expensive. Lessons are very expensive. There are alot of talented golfers out there who just don't have the money to play and excel.

Tigers contest?

alot of rich people play golf but if your a pro you can earn $1 million on winning a tournament sure tiger woods earns $52 million a year

In search for used golf sets?

Not anymore

Where can I find hippo golf balls in Singapore?

Golf is changing, is a push to make golf a sport everyone can play. it's not only the money it's the time that is why they are testing round where people play 4 , 8 or 12 holes. Not everyone has the time to spend 5 hours on the golf course

What are the four phases of the golf swing?

it is because of the courses membership fees. and stuff like that and the prices for clubs balls and stuff like that. i think it is for rich people. it is stereotyped though.

Which swede won the Accenture match play championship?

It can be very pricey well into the $1000 and above just for the equip. and playing at certain course can cost anywhere from 10-$550

Are all golfers closet gays??

Golf is and has been a traditionally expensive sport to play. The cost of equipment and fees associated with playing make it a much more expensive sport than say, basketball, which requires only a hoop and a ball. The expense of playing and lack of courses in urban areas made golf become a traditionally white collar game. Golf has gradually become a sport enjoyed by the masses but is still one of the more expensive sports to play.

What shaft should I go with?

Because rich people who play golf brag about it. Don't know if they're any good. Tiger wasn't rich when he started as a kid, don't think his father was rich, too. Amex supported them throughout.
There are cheap golf sets, and public course which are not expensive to play. It's a nice walking sport (you don't really have to be so strong) and you play against the course, and yourself.
Otherwise, it's a good socialising game. Of course there are good and bad people that you will run in to while playing, same as any other sports. Have fun.

Why did Tiger Woods change his swing a few years back? He was winning like crazy and he changes his swing.?

Because back in the old days, only rich and noble people were allowed to play. I guess some people still like to think like that. I know for a fact though, that golf is not the cheapest game in the world, and pros get paid a lot to play the boringest thing in the world!

What do you think of "Pinemedow Golf" equipment quality?

it costs a lot of money to play on a course or buy clubs, but NOT ALL GOLFERS ARE RICH

How do you calculate your golf handicap?

Well I'm an avid golfer and am certianly not rich. I guess that's the reason I've been just looking at buying clubs for the past year. I wouldn't call it sport for the 5 or 6 time a year player but for the avid golfer who really wants to improve his game. Balls, clubs, membership fees or just green fees, clothes, shoes, and all the other hidden cost. It would sure help to be rich.

Was Moe Norman a better ball striker than Ben Hogan.?

I think its because of the beauty of the courses and most people feel they can't afford it , when in all reality they can.

Is gole a good sport?

You definitely need some money to play golf. Clubs are quite expensive. Golf also requires a lot of time. If you are serious about your golf you will need coaching and to play a lot of time. You also need to go to the driving range regularly. If you are just a weekend golfer it is more affordable. Of course you still should join a club and pay for your rounds of golf. Anyone can play golf. If you don't have a lot of money there are affordable options. The more serious you are about your golf the more you will have to invest in your game: time and money.

Any golfers out there? What are the best golf balls to buy for my husband?

The clubs,the balls, the course are expensice
the clubs: 100-1000
the balls quite cheap: 10 balls=1.50 ea depends on the brand
the course it depends whether u are playing 18 or 9 holes or 6 holes or 3 holes

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