2 iron or hybrid or 5 wood?

Question:i use a 2 iron but cant really call it a 2 iron since its a callway hawkeye vft and is a size of a brick. i still choose to hit it because it's easier to cut out of the rough and work the ball either direction than an utility club or a fairway wood.
what do u use and why?


Hybrid or Fairway Wood?

I carry both 5wood and 2 hybrid but prefer the hybrid. It's way easier playing out of rough with a hybrid. Also it's great playing off the tee on the tight shorter holes. It's also usefull on the longer par threes playing into strong winds.

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You will be able to hit the 5-wood farther than a 2 hybrid.

I prefer the 2 hybrid because it gives me more control and I have a more exact distance with it so I get more use out of it. In my old set, I had a 5-wood and never used it.

Definately get rid of the 2-iron. Hybrids actually cut through the rough better than irons because of their sole and roundish shape. You are right about them being less workable, but you can get Player's hybrids like the Taylormade Rescue tp which are very workable.

Hope this helps your decision.

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It all depends on what you like to hit. Me personally I don't like woods or hybrids, something about them mentally makes me not be able to hit them well on the fairway or the rough. I used to have a 1 iron for the longest time and I loved it.

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I am yet to play a hybrid. I personally carry a 2 iron because i hit it more consistantly than my 5 wood. There is a small sacrifice in distance, but I prefer the accuracy.

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