Anyone have any good tips on how I can learn golf quickly?

I'm supposed to start golfing with some guys from work. All I can do is drive the ball. I'm not good at chip shots, par 3s, approach shots, or anything other than hitting it with a driver. I guess I just get carried away at the range with it...what can I do? I try watching the folks on tv but I still hit the ball too far everytime and blade it. I can't get the spin or the high arch or!


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If you are worried about it and get drug into a game before you are ready suggest you play a scramble. That way you can show off your drive and let your team mate worry about the chipping and approach shots. You might get lucky on a few other shots but most golfers would love to have someone who can whack the ball a long way on their side.

If you have more time then leave the driver in the SUV and take your irons and pitching wedge to the driving range. Take aim at other balls or surely they have targets to aim wim. Keep your head down and just let the weight of the club carry your swing through the ball.figure out which club you should be using for each get the ball up in the air stand with your left foot behind the ball and strike slighty behind the ball and you'll loft it...for a chip shot stand with your right foot parrallel to the ball and hit directly under the ball.

you'll catch more golf and concentrate on their moves...then go copy them

What is a "BUNKER" golf term?

Here's how I became a scratch golfer. It's simple really.
Oh yeah. Keep your head down. =)

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What you are doing now is topping the ball or some call thin shot. Tell me 1st, is it that you can perform a good swing without a ball? Once with a ball, you just top it? If this is the case, you are aiming on top of the ball. you got it? Without a ball, you are aiming on the fairway and you can sweep thru the grass with no problem but when come to a ball, you are aiming on top of the ball, which make you top the ball! Try this trick, aim on the hitting side of the ball, that's the right side of the ball for right handed and the opposite for the left handed. Good Luck!

What are the most important aspects of a club hitting a ball that have be taken into account?

You are trying to do too much too quickly. It might be great to play with the guys from work, but do you want to appear a complete goose? You need to decide if golf is your game and then start to learn the game from the basics. Just tell the guys that you are not ready and that you would not want to embarass them by playing poorly. Go along and offer to caddy for one of your friends. You are in the game , you can observe and learn. I think you will find that they will respect you for being a serious learner! However if they are as bad as you, go along and have fun. I just would not want to be the in the group following your foursome!

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Go and buy Ben Hogans book---Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. This book is great. Besides that just make sure you swing slow and be very patient, it takes a while but it'll come to you eventually.

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Get lessons from a teaching Pro at the range. If there's not enough time for lessons that try this. Driving the ball is generally a sweeping type of swing that on impact the club head is at bottom or very slightly past bottom of the swing arc. Hitting irons and wedges generally is hit before the bottom of the swing arc. You need to make contact with the ball first, then the club should continue to bottom out in the dirt and come back up to finish. That's how divots are created. It's like a descending hit to the ball. This is how to the ball in the air with some spin. Hope this helps, good luck!

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