Anyone have any tips to help me become better acquainted with my Callaway Big Bertha 8 degree driver?


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I'm a 5 HC. I moved from a 9.5 r7 quad stiff flex to a 10.5 Cleveland Hibore stiff flex to help me get more carry. I added 5 yards on average to each drive with better and more consistent ball flight.

Very few pros play 8 degree drivers. Tiger plays 8.5. Guys like JB Holmes, Bubba Watson and John Daily (in his prime) played < 8 degrees. You need a swing speed around 115 mph to play it properly. You could get away with a 110 mph, but you would loose so much carry and rely on roll.

Also, anytime you put sidespin on the ball, it will be severe. Turning draws into hooks and fades into slices.

Here is what usually works for most people.see this month's golf magazine, article by Tom Wishon.

70-80 mph = 13-15 degrees
80-90 mph = 13-10.5 degrees
90-100 mph = 10.5-9.5 degrees
100-110 mph = 9.5-8.5 degrees

Tips on ball position please?


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sometimes a picnic helps

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why on earth do you have an 8 degree driver? but to answer your question, you must hit it more often, that means going out to the range with just you driver and work on ball position, and the type of swing you need to hit it square... i would think a 10 degree club would be easier to hit, but work on it and good luck... hit 'em straight!

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Time on the driving range.

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Yea go seel it and get the Cleveland 10.5 launcher. I am a 8 HCP and my launche with an extra stiff shaft has really increased my accuracy and distance. For low ball flight on windy days I hit a hybrid off the deck

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YUP ! Buy a Titleist !

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im a 10hc, taught by senior citizens to play par, 200 yds at a time. i dont even carry a driver. go 3 wood!

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a 8 degree driver is a tough club to hit for an amateur - try to get a driver closer to 10-12 degrees which will be a little more forgiving and give you better carry time for better distance and ideal trajectory

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yeah bend over!LOL

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Get rid of it.

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