Am I the only person who believes Sergio Garcia is a classless piece of garbage?


How do you correct your golf swing, if you "push" the ball to the right?

Sergio was just caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Pretty much all guys on the PGA tour spit. Sergio just happened to while on live tv. One example of players the spit is Mr. Tiger Woods

What happened to Eddie Lowry the Caddy form the Movie Greatest game ever played? Said he became millionare how

Nope. I second and third the motion!

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We're only going to see more of this. Tiger Woods was a double edged sword. Yes he got millions of kids into the game, but they don't care about the traditions and etiquette of the game. That is a pity.

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Who Dat doesn't think so. What did Sergio do now?

Where can you buy Augusta Masters golf stuff that is real masters stuff??

He spit in the cup after missing his putt!!...WTF!! That is just as classless as it gets! I have NEVER liked Sergio EVER! and I never will!

How does a person get to that level of golf with behavior like that? He should be kick'd off the tour!

I live in mapleton illinois and i need some free golf stuff to start golfing please if any questions email me?

It's very sad, actually. Golf is a game that has etiquette and sportsmanship literally written into the rules, and this kind of conduct is unacceptable. It's bad enough that it makes Sergio look like an idiot, but it's not fair to the players behind him on the course who will have the pleasure of dropping their ball into the hole where he spat. None of us who play are perfectly behaved, but this is a big show of disrespect to the other players around him.

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I still hate him from his waggling days. The dude took at least 1 minute while in his stance to hit the dang ball.

Nick faldo?

Sergio like the rest of us is human and being human is entitled to a little venting. We all get ticked off when we shank a shot or miss a putt and we don't have as much to lose. Give the poor guy a break he's still young and he's frustrated, he will come to be one of the great ones, give him some time. He's just going through some growing pains right now.

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The problem w/ Sergio is that he's just like that other Spaniard jerk-off, Seve. "Classless piece of garbage"? I dunno. He thinks he's pretty neat, though, which pisses me off.

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I think hes overrated and hes one of the only europeans i cant stand...except when its the ryder cup cuz he plays good! =]

Where is the best place to advertise a golf holiday rental aparment in Majorca / Mallorca?

There are only two players I hate in the tour.

Vijay Singh and Sergio Garcia. I hope they move to San Francisco and get married to eachother.

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WOW, you are not very nice

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Just imagine fishing your ball out of the cup after some wingnut spit in it. What a jerk.

Pulling my golf shots...25 handicap...senior?

I agree that Sergio's conduct was not only inappropriate, but indefensible as well. But I must say, I had the pleasure of seeing the good side of him too.

I was a marashll at the U.S. Open in 2002 at Bethpage Black and had the job of keeping the handicapped seating area clear near the 18th green. During the conclusion of Wednesday's practice round, one of the patrons, a wheelchair-bound man, asked me if I would obtain Sergio's autograph for him as he exited the green. I agreed and approached Sergio. When I told him my request and who it was for he said, "where is he? I would be happy to meet him." Whereupon I boosted Sergio up on to the platform that accomodated wheelchair spectating and he spent several minutes with this young man and even had pictures taken with him and his family. This was all out of earshot or eyesite of the media and done purely out of the goodness of his heart.

Thus, when I see Sergio do something foolish like he did on Saturday at Doral, I temper my reaction with a fond remembrance of a really good guy and gracious pro golfer.

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whats he done to you? he might not have etiquette, but he brings energy to the game

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Sergio has some mental issues. Obviously, when he was a child he demanded and got a lot of attention. Now that he's out there with the bid dogs it's not the same. You can't take away his golfing skills, but his social skills detract from the world class golfer he aspires to be. This is just another ploy of getting attention. Unfortunately, it's not the kind of attention he needs but I don't think he realizes that. He just wants attention.

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Here's the real problem with "The Yellow Submarine" as per the outfit he wore during the last round of the British Open last year- he chokes in the clutch, and has not really earned his keep in golf's elite. Maybe one day he'll win a major- I don't think you can bank on it though. He might win a lot of meaningless Ryder Cup matches, at least we in the US think they're meaningless, but put him in the big spot and it's one hand on his neck golf.

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Its the only thing I've seen him make on the green in one shot all year. I'm surprised he did't 3 spit.

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