460 cc. vs. 425cc?

Question:-What size driver do you swing?
-When you moved up to a bigger driver head size, did you like the results? Are you playing better now?
-If you aren't playing a 460 driver, what's your reason?



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I am very old school and I always hit the little driver ,Boy was I wrong i bought a 460 and I love it I am 52 so I don't hit a long drive any more but now I can hit it at least 30 yards longer

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The 460cc driver has a larger hitting area (face) witch allows for a larger sweet spot, but has less workablity. The smaller drivers have a smaller sweet spot but allows the golf to work his shots better i.e. draw, fade.

My self, I have a 460 taylormade R7 draw bais driver witch helps promote a natral draw to all my shots or reduce my slice shots.

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I have drivers that range from 306cc to 460cc. I have hit my longest drives with a Adams 363 and an Adams 460 Dual. However I have also cranked a small faced 190cc Armour 3 wood costing $60 that it and the graphite shaft were made in China about 250. It tends to be my favorite wood.

If I was to start from scratch I would be looking for smaller with the best fitted graphite shaft suited for my swing. If you play where it is windy smaller is better. However, I do not see anything out there below 400cc and there is no noticeable difference between 425 and 460.

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400 cc.

First driver.

That's what my sey came with.

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i have always had problems hitting 460cc drivers except the new square ones. I currently play a Callaway Big Bertha from 2004, not the 454 just the regular one. I do own a 454 though, i can hit it well once in a while but not nearly often enough. Im not sure why i cant hit the big drivers but i have tried the square ones and i am planning on buyin one. My current Callaway driver is about 350cc, and i can consistintley drive the ball 285+ yards. Just the other day i set a new personal record of 329 yards (my previous was 313). Anyhow, its all a matter of preference.

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460cc is the way to go my friend. It is almost impossible in today's society to get a new driver that is not 460cc.

I suggest that you use a 460cc driver. It may feel a little awkward at first, but once you hit the range a few times you will be fine and dandy.

A 460cc driver will be more forgiving for you, it will give you more distance, and you will probably hit it straighter than you ever have.

However, the newest drivers can be pretty expensive. But if you go to a good retail store you can buy a good used one and even try it out.

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i swing a 460 cc driver and i loved the results wen i moved up from my old driver bcuz i added 30 yards to my drive when i went up.. cc stands for centimeters squared, which is not a measure of how big the face is(as most ppl think) but how big the entire club is....most ppl would argue that it means something else bcuz the FT-i driver and the sumo2 look so much bigger but actually they're much slimmer and you go near the back of the driver. more cc = more stability in the clubhead and straighter longer drives

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460cc Ping G5. I switched b/c I had owned my Big Bertha for many years and felt it was time to upgrade. It was the best thing I have done. Before the change i had above average distance and since the change I rarely find someone who can hit it as long as me. Not to mention I have much better control. I would recommend upgrading to the 460cc it has taken strokes off of my game.

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