About golf?

Question:can you guys give me:
the 20 rules of golf
10 etiquettes of golf

thanks a whole lot!!


Where is the best place to sell my golf magazines dating from the 60's?

Go to www.usga.org

What is scratch golf?

Rules (there are more than 20):


What are irons used for in golf?

there are 35 rules of golf and I doubt you are ready for them take up knitting...

Where to find "How to Build a Green for a Golf Course?

No talking or moving around while others are teeing off or putting,Don't stand on another players line,Repair divots and ball marks,No cursing or throwing clubs,Wear appropriate clothing,Don't cheat on your score!!

Are there any golfers out there from cedar rapids iowa area.?

There are more than 20 rules but, basically, you do not get to touch your ball with your hands between the time you tee off and when it gets on the green. Anytime you move your ball or try to move your ball with anything after you tee off, it counts as a stroke except when you are marking your ball on the green.

Who ever is farthest from the hole after you tee off hits first. Do not talk, move, drive a cart, or get in the way when another player is hitting his/her ball. Do not step on the line between any ball and the hole on the green. Be ready to hit when it is your turn and do not slow other players down you are playing with or waiting to play behind you.

Be aware of other groups playing on other adjacent holes and provide them with the same manners. Also be aware of where their mistruck golf balls may go and possibly hit you. A group laying a hole has the right of way. If you accidentally hit your ball into another groups field of play on an adjacent hole, you have to wait until they are done.

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