All regular shafts the same flex?


Any ideas for Corporate Golf Prizes?

Afraid not. There are no exacting specifications from any agency to regulate flexes. It is left at the discretion of the manufacturer(s).

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No they aren't there is definitely some variation. I would guess that it's not more than about 1 category i.e. one companys stiff might be anothers regular or a regular might be a senior in another line. Once you get into the x-stiff and up like xxx-stiff then you really can't compare at all but then you'd be a negative handicapper or a long drive champ. Stiffness isn't the only criteria either that matters. Kick point isn't as important but it can help you get the ball airborne or lower a too high trajectory. Shaft torque also changed the feel of the club as well as affecting how much the club twists at impact. low torque helps to keep shots on line (but not that much really) but it does have a mojor impact on how the club feels. Getting fitted is the best bet and compared to what you spend on a driver or a set it's cheap.

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I would think they are

How can i be a golf star?

NO! every regular shaft flex depends on the club brand (nike, ping, callaway...) and the shaft brand (aldila..)

What is the loft angle of a ping eye 2 L wedge?

Shafts can be senior,regular,stiff,x stiff,and some in between,It should be listed on the shaft!

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