What's the best way to add distance to my irons?

I can't really hit my irons very far, even off a clean lie in the fairway. I can hit a good drive 240-250 consistently, but my five iron may only reach 145-150 yards and isn't getting a lot of height. What could I fix to improve this?


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I an, I'd really like to see your ball flight. I'd imagine you're hitting the ball with your driver very low and it's rolling most of the 240 yards.

The most important thing for irons is clubhead speed and ball position. The ball has got to be in the middle of your stance, not back towards your right toe (for a righty). And then you have to generate sufficient clubhead speed, at least 85 MPH, with a good strike on the ball that should get pretty decent distance.

If you can't swing at least 85 MPH with a 5 iron (have your swing speed measured at a Golf Galaxy or other store) then you might want to look into a hybrid set of irons that have large soles to help get the ball up.

Good luck!

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you hit your 9 iron about 120 right? so you basically hit all your irons around the same distance?

without seeing your swing, my guess is you are putting to much weight on your back foot on impact, causing decceleration of the clubhead and a "scooping" motion thru the ball.

at the practice range, try taking a step forward with your right foot (assuming you are right handed) at the end of your swing, as if you are about to start walking towards your target. this will ensure you shift your weight to the front foot and accelerate the clubhead thru the ball.

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Some things that helped me:

1. Lessons. No joke. They really help.
2. Graphite shafts.
3. Launch monitor or video.

Now, I'm finally average with my distance. Sounds strange but considering where I was, I'm happy.

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