,In golf, when one man is on the green and one is on the fringe who hits first?


Any golfers in central n.j. looking for a game on mondays, or any day during the week?

If you are playing honors or match play, (which is only done in tournaments, otherwise it slows play dramatically over the course of the round), it is always the ball farthest from the hole regardless of where the balls are located.

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the man on the fringe

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The one furthest out hits first unless you're playing best ball and then it's the closer (or more playable) ball.

What items are there in a complete golf set.?

If you're just playing a round with your buddies then the guy on the fringe hits first, but if you are in a tournament then the guy furthest from the hole will hit first

Why do American golfers have funny names like Hank von Klinkerberger III Jnr?

most likely the guy on the fringe will hit first, pending on what your playing though.. with friends we play out the closest shot first to get it out of the way so their isnt any interference.

How does a golf handicap affect each hole? i'm a beginner with an unofficial handicap of 38?

if you are playing honors or match play, (which is only done in tournaments, otherwise it slows play dramatically over the course of the round), it is always the ball farthest from the hole regardless of where the balls are located.

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Depends rly if u are on the fringe u can choose to leave the pin in or out so if u are leaving it in the person on the fringe hits first! But if he had decided to take the flag out then it would be whoever is furthest from the pin. Hope this helps

When will the next Open Golf Championship be held at Turnberry?

the one on the fringe the one furtherest from the hole , takes the stroke first.

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Unless you're in a tournament, just play ready golf !!

How do I fix my golf fade?

The player on the fringe,unless he opts to putt with the flag out,in which case it's the furthest from the hole.

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Robow has it right.

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it matters if you think you are on the green, because i know when i go out i call the fringe the green. and some of me and my friends just hit from whoever gets to their ball first.

Who would beat who in matchplay? tiger woods or bobby jones?

Always the furthest person hits first.
Unless the person consents the nearer one to go first.

eg: When the ball is so near the hole, i just let my golf partner finish it off, to save time.

What's the best advice for improving my golf swing?

The one farthest from the hole has the honors and is supposed to hit first always no matter where they are at. People don't normally play that way in private rounds without caddies because they don't want to mess around with the flag stick that much.

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The one furthest hit 1st.

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Which ever player who's ball is farthest away. The rule is whoever is farthest from the hole regardless of where, has the honor.

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usually the man who is farther away from the hole hits first

A person hired to carry a golfer's club is called a?

In professional golf the player who is further away even if his partner is of the green but he is further away he putts but in armature golf the player on the fringe plays first

What do you make of Nick Faldo in relation to Tiger Woods?

The man on the fringe because he is considered farther away from the hole and the rules say that the person farthest away from the hole hits first

Which Australian won the 2006 US Golf Open?

From experience, the more impatient man/woman hit first.

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furthest from the pin plays first, but if your not especially anal about trying to get a read or something from the co-competitor, the player who is clearly the most ready,asks, and if OK, goes first.

the whole thing about the player playing from the fringe, closer or not, first is...
the guy on the fringe gets to leave the pin in for his shot, and it IS an advantage.
the guy on the green HAS TO take the pin out.
the whole pin in, pin out thing kinda slows the game down if you don't have a caddie doing it for you, so you typically leave the flag in for the fringe guy, then pull it once, and everybody putts. it's usually faster that way, more considerate to others, whatever, but not for tournament play.

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the man with the furthest ball to the hole hits 1st

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