Tiger wood buick giveaway?


Most pros say hit down on the ball, how do you do that?

When Tiger wins a tournament (any), a person who has registered at "buick.com", wins his tournament courtesy car.

200 yards? NO WAY!?

Last year’s "Buick Tiger Trap" campaign showcased footage of Tiger slugging away while viewers were invited to participate in a Buick giveaway contest. Hit the ball closer to the tee than Tiger, win a Buick Ranier. Don't know if it will be happening this year or not.

Sorry, that's the best I could do with a weak question. More details would be nice.

Who will has the best chance to win the 2007 masters?

If Tiger wins this weeks buick open he will be giving the car that is part of the payday away. He has to win for there to be a giveaway. considering he was tied for 51 place tis morning he might need to step it up a little on the south course to be in contention

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