Are forged golf irons better than cast irons? If so, why?


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Forged clubs allow more feel to be transmitted to the hands of the player.
Good for experienced (good) players however poorer players will feel the pain of that thin shot.

Forged clubs generally come as blades, which most professionals use as they give greater feel & control. Best forged clubs just now are the Titliest blades i believe.

Daviebhoys recommendations:
Handicap 0 - 9: forged blades
10 & above: cast cavity backs

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forged ones are cheaper but you can only get them from that bloke down the pub and you "didn't get them off him...o.k.!".

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no because forged ones aint real.
always get my windows start up says.but i aint a victim

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Forged metal has Superior strength to cast metal regardless of what the item is or what it is used for. A good example is a quality spanner which is almost always made from forged steel. With golf though it should be a question of which club needs to be forged. Clearly, those that are used for driving or distance shots need most strength so forged is best. However, the rest could be cast because strength is not a key issue.

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I know zilch about golf butt forged steel will be better than cast steel. Forged steel will be denser, more stable and less prone to cracking/breaking

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I was led to believe forged metal was stronger/better...

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The answer is feel and playability. Top players prefer forged irons as they are more adept at manipulating the ball through the air. Forged clubs give greater feedback and feel. Most cavity back irons are cast and will offer good all round forgiveness. Depends what you want out of a club really. I'm no great shakes at the game but I definitely prefer the feel of forged irons.

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forged iron are used with a softer metal so thy have more forgiveness,I like cast iron because thy make you try harder

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Does it really matter? If the club suits you use it! After 40 years of single handicap golf I've seen most things come and go and then come back again and to me it is what club feels right in the hand, that's all. Anyway, different pros use different makes so even they can't agree on it! I used Titleist or Mizuno blades for most of my life but now use Ping i3+ and am longer now than before so something must be right somewhere. So to answer your question - frankly I don't care what the manufacturing method is as long as the club works!

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