Anyone built an astroturf putting green in their backyard using astroturf and wood (no concrete)? Any tips?

I have a slightly sloped yard so I was thinking about usin the concrete blocks that are used for decks and 4x4 posts to build the supports for a platform so that it will be level. Then make 4x8 frames out of 2x4s and connect these to the posts. Cover with exteror plywood to have basically a pool table. Cut the holes and cover with astrotruf. Any thoughts? I am worried about warping and rot, but unless I want to bring in a lost of fill and/or concrete (which I do not for either) I can't come up with anything better. Thanks.


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Skip the plywood - your fears are correct in that you will have plywood warping in just a few weeks, and wood rot within a few months. The way that the artificial greens are built is using a base of crushed lime (which holds its' shape well after being compacted), covered by astroturf that has a much thicker rubber base than the cheap stuff you can get at your local home improvement store. Once the astroturf is laid, use sod staples (the U-shaped 6" long anchors for holding down sod or landscape fabric) to hold it in place, then top dress with sand and sweep in until it rolls as fast as you want. If you are doing the work yourself, figure around $5-6/ square foot for all materials, unless you are lucky enough to find a great deal on the turf or the base material. Thus, for a green of 15 x 30 feet, figure ~$2000-2500, and somewhat more to have it professionally installed.

Before you choke on the price tag, think about this: If you use the right materials and do it right the first time, it should easily last 10 years or longer with very little maintenance (sweeping off leaves, topdressing w/ sand).

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I used a company called Heavenly Greens, there is also another company, SouthWest Greens. They specialize in artificial putting greens and lawns. The material is the same as the ones used at in the NFL (FieldTurf). It's very kid friendly and always stay green, year round.

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Right on Tiger Pham!! You'll get better results letting the pros do it for you.

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Go to the wood and blocks and all that extremely hard work. This is the best putting green I have ever used. The base is actually made from recycled car bumpers. We have a custom built beauty. The pricing is really great for what you get and they are super helpful when you call. You can contact the corporate sales office at 866-921-7888, ask for Jay...he will either help you personally or turn you onto a direct dealer in your area. Good Luck and Happy Putting!!

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