Am I being slow or are the groups behind me fast?

My foursome finished nine holes in 2.5 hours yesterday. We were walking the course and we let 2 different two somes play through, they were walking as well. One of the two somes was cool about it but the other group was jerks about it...that's beside the point though... Who's at fault: my group, the people behind us, or the guy scheduling tee times so bunched together? I was feeling rushed during my round and i hate that feeling


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I think 2.5 hours for a 4-some walking is perfectly acceptable. I don't think anybody is at fault. I agree that feeling rushed is one of the least enjoyable aspects about golf. My entire game suffers, plus it just flat-out pisses me off. Don't know why those guys were jerks, especially because you let them play through. Unless it took several holes before you finally let them through. Then I'd be ticked, too.

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2.5 hours is a pretty long time to play 9 even with a four some, 5 hours to play 18 holes and you don't think that is slow? If you're walking it should go quicker than riding because everyone can walk to their own ball and wait for their turn.

letting others play through, good job, that is thoughtful

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Well, sounds like your group is a little slow, unless you're playing an exceptionally difficult course (either to play or walk).

The fact that twosomes behind you were pressing you is normal. 2 people will typically play faster than 4. Letting them play through was proper. I'm curious to know why the 2nd twosome were jerks. Unless your group was hitting extra shots, not raking bunkers, being silly or something (which I'm guessing you weren't) they'd have no reason to act like that. Chalk that up to schmoes on the course.

And, undoubtedly, letting 2 groups play through yours added some time to your round. But if your group is regularly playing 9 holes in two and a half hours you may want to look for ways to pick up the pace.

Unless you're playing in the afternoon for a nice relaxing round. There's no "rule" that says you have to play fast. And it seems that your golf etiquitte is good as you let faster groups play through.

The course is interested in getting as many people off the tee as possible. They'll put groups out every 7 and 8 minutes as long as they've got people willing to play. There's no reason that 2 twosomes should be on the course early, unless it's a slow day, as it should be a priority to the course to keep foursomes out so that pace can be maintained.

I'd say that if your group is playing 9 holes in the afternoon when the course is slow you can take as much time as you want so long as when another group is faster you let them through (which you do).

Golf is all about enjoying what you're doing. No need to rush that.

So, I'd say that your group may consider picking up the pace only if you want to. Your group is a little slow, typically, but that's ok. Being a little on the slow side will add to the number of groups that are faster. But if it's not a problem for you to let them through, play at your pace.

Unless it's Saturday morning and your group is holding up the whole course. But it doesn't sound like that's the case.

Yeah, try and not let yourself feel rushed. You paid your money just like they did. If they want to be jerks, fine. But go at your own pace unless you're holding up the whole course, and then you'll probably be getting some help from marshall.

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I'll answer your question with a few questions.

Are you waiting to make your next shot?
Are groups behind you waiting to make their next shot?

If no to both, you're keeping pace.
If yes to either, you're playing fast or slow. Try to correct the problem by slowing down or speeding up without ruining the overall tempo.
If yes to both, live with it, be patient cuz it's out of your hands.

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Most golf courses request that you finish 18 holes in 4 to 4 1/2 hrs (or 2 to 2 1/4 hrs for 9 holes). If you are a beginner, it is much more difficult to finish in time (you are taking more shots, losing balls, etc.), but if it took 2 1/2 hrs, and the group who started ahead of you was more than 1 hole ahead by the 9th hole, then unfortunately, your group was the one at fault.

Here are some guidelines to follow, that might help you be faster and still enjoy your round of golf:
1) Play "Ready golf": Whoever is ready to tee off, hit an iron shot, or putt should go first. Don't worry about who had the "honor" or best score, or who is furthest from the hole. Hit your ball, walk to your ball, and be ready to hit.
2) Depending on the skill level of you and your group, set a maximum score for a hole. (Double or triple bogey, or 7 or 8 strokes, for instance). If you have taken that many strokes and are still not in the hole, pick up your ball and go to the next hole.

Hope your next round is more enjoyable!

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The fact that you let 2 groups go ahead of you was the appropriate thing to do. So counting that 2.5 hours for 9 seems fairly reasonable. I suggest playing with better golfers.

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