Any recommendations for a set of irons?

I don't yet have a handicap but want to upgrade my clubs from a cheap package set. Looking to spend in the region of £300 to £500 on irons alone.


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first of all are u sure your going to stick with the game coz equipment is not cheap and its not worth spending shed loads on clubs if ure not serious about the game, if u are tho i recomend the maxfli revolution, there an old model now but they got me down to 4 and are excellent all round clubs for all levels. i have now tho treated myseld to the ping s59's and have come down to 1, ping are excellent clubs but come with a expensive price tag, if you were to buy ping i recomend goin to the factory and havin them custom fitted, it worked wonders for my game

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Wilson Fat shaft have helped my game!

What is the quality,precision of a Lynx brand golf set?


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littlewoods catalogue have an excellent range from £21 to £230 you might not get a hole in one but you will look good trying

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Callaway X-18's are great. Also the RAC from Taylor made.

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Remember is not the price or quality of you're irons. But the person behind then.

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for clubs all the major brands make quality clubs so best advice is just go to a golf shop and try them out. also check out if you don't mind getting used clubs

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Nike pro Combo tour

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anything by cleveland golf....The Launcher Irons are great for high handicap players, i have the TA-6 model from a few years back, I love them, ive never hit irons this easy and this well....the new CG-4's by Cleveland are a great mid skill iron...

Who said this?

It depends on how serious you are going to play, and the type of swing you have.

If you are a very good ball striker then I would recommend a set of Blades. OTherwise go for Cavity backed clubs as they are easier to hit and more forgiving. However, blades give the better player more control (despite what cavity backed players say.)

As for make - it doesn't really matter as long as they are manufactured well. Mizuno make some cracking blades, and Titleist make quality cavity backs.

Don't go for cheap irons as they tend not to last.

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I bought a nice set of Callaway Big Bertha 2006 clones. I know many people are down on them, but this dealer makes em really good. You can search for it on ebay. I got a 3-PW, SW set for $119 (not including shipping). I also got a customed made 3 - ball putter from him which is very similar to the Odyssey line of putters.

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