Anyone having problems with flat tires on sun mountain cart?


Is it just me or is Tiger Woods a bit of a whiny baby on the golf course?

A friend of mine has fixed two flats in the last year. Be sure to contact sun mountain. Both of his flats were fixed for free.

What size replacement grips should I use to regrip my Taylor Made R5 driver and fairway woods?

Yes. I have repaired three flats in approximately 2 years. I wouldn't use the cart in terrain with a lot of stickers or "goatsheads." Or, be sure to stay on the fairways or cart paths.
Fixing the tire is just like fixing a bicycle flat. repair. Remove the tire, take out the tube, find the hole, and repair it.
You might also try the self-sealing bicycle spray that can be inserted into the tube, if flats occur very often.
Personally, I switched to the Bag Boy easy-fold cart with non-pneumatic tires. It rolls nicely and no more flats.

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