Annika sorenstam, what is her personal life like?


Can i replace a broken golf club during a tournament?

I know she broke up with her husband, but I must say, she could hold my putter anytime.

What is the difference between offset woods and regular woods?

Lots of lesbian sex and performance enhancing drugs.

Whats so interesting about golf?

Basically, it's none of my business.

Your on the golf course...?

Truly, what business is her personal life of yours? Why don't you tell us every detail of your personal life first?

Does anyone know anything about MacGregor Golf Battle Sticks? Are they good clubs? Help?

my coach who was pro for many years actully played on tour with her during a pratice round and she told me that she was very nice. that was a few years ago my coach was a pro golfer for 15 years but she had to stop b/c of family issues so now shes a coach!

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  • Annika sorenstam, what is her personal life like?
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