A round of golf with a Pro?

Is there anyway you can get a round of golf with a pro, it is an idea for my dads 50th birthday, and the whole family thinks it is a good idea but could be a bit of a problem actually doing it, we were thinking people like Padraig Harrington, Darren Clarke, Paul McGinley or Colin Montgomerie.


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Sure, money talks though. Tiger Woods once played with a guy whose wife won a charity auction ... it cost $250,000.

If you are serious and rich, their agents can set it up.

For normal people, pro-ams which precede Tour events offer a great way to meet pros. You don't get to pick who you play with, but you get to meet and greet those in the field.

In the U.S. there is also the Saturday Series, which features pros who miss the cut in that week's event and play at a different course on Saturday in a pro-am format. Many big name players --- not the Montgomerie's for instance but strong players --- compete in it. They are there anyway.

My guess is for the four you listed it would take a barrelful of money to get them to play with your dad. But the pro-am --- if they are in the field --- would allow him to meet them.

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he could probably get a round of golf with colin montgomerie for 25 bucks

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I suggest that you consider an old pro..I don't know where you live but in most areas you should be able to find an older pro for him to play with. It'd probably be more fun for him to play with an older pro that is in his age group, someone he is familiar with from his younger days.. I have to tell you, these kinds of guys are still pretty doggoned salty and they love to play. I have had the pleasure of playing with a few of them and it was great fun.. an example of that is Don January in Dallas.. many of these guys have a home country club that they belong to and play there regularly. I spent time with MIckey Mantle and it was a hoot. He wasn't a pro but boy was he fun to be around.. Pick a few names of the older ones and then type their names in a search engine. You should be able to find out where they spend most of their time. I'd bet that you will find one that is close enough to you and that you will be able to speak with them.. I'll also bet that you can your dad a round of golf with them..good luck

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Find a PGA tournament in your area.
Most tournaments have "Pro-Am's", where the agerage guy can pay to play with a pro (most of the money usually goes to a charity).
Unless you're with a big corporate sponsor, you likely don't get to choose who your Pro is, but researching their career can be fun too.
And when your dad sees the guy (or lady) blast a 300 yd. drive, he won't care anyways.
Don't forget, besides the PGA tour, there's always the LPGA, Nationwide, and Duramed Futures tours.
I played in a Duramed Pro-Am last year; our Pro was a very nice young lady who had been on the LPGA tour for a couple years and was working to regain her tour card.
She was FANTASTIC to play a round of golf with, even tough I had no idea who she was (I do NOW).
I also got to see several of the young ladies from The Big Break tv show.
Got for it dude; it's something your dad will ALWAYS remember!

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