I am thinking of either buying a three wood or a rescue. Which club is better?

My handicap is 20


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A rescue is that like a Hybird? Think back to your last round. Do you need the 3 wood to keep your drives in play? Can you hit a 3 wood off the ground? Now how many times could you have used the rescue? Get the on you will use more.

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I can't see a tremendous need for a 3-wood, unless you're having trouble with your driver. Hitting a 3 off the fairway is just not a sensible shot for those of us in the bogey-golf range. We can't hit the par fives in two with it, given that we don't have that type of accuracy. I personally just use a 2-iron when I'm in the fairway and can't reach the green, no matter what I hit. I think a lot of people think they can't hit a 2, but it's really pretty easy.

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it depends on whether or not you could hit a three wood off the fairway, and can hit your irons consistently out of the rough. A rescue club would help you because it has a trajectory a little higher than a three wood, kind of like a heavy 5 wood, and you could hit it effectively out of the rough too, if you have a hard time hitting your irons far out of the rough.

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Three wood off the tee for better control, and a 7 wood for those rescue shots. Keep it in the fairway..confidence and consistency will prevail.

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I think rescue is better for your level, because if you use 3 wood, you must have a very clean contact to the ball and the grass, but if you use rescue, it can help you to hit the ball easier even you made a very big divot, so think about it or you will see rescue is much better then 3 wood(but not in distance).

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i think a 3 wood will work great

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