Any experience with Free Golf Clubs?

Question:I signed up a year ago for a golf Magazine. They promised me free items for just doing an evaluation. I received emails as follows:
"Our records indicate you have been a loyal customer of ours for years. It's customers like you that have enabled us to become a dominant force in the golf club industry. As a way of saying thanks for all your past business, we would like to give you an absolutely free* Christmas gift. This is a golf product grab bag full of golf products valued at over $500. These grab bags have included executive golf collectables, golf balls, sunglasses and MUCH MORE! Just call 800-682-1352 as soon as possible so we can ship before Christmas. Your VIP gift redemption code is SR19. Also while you're at it, ask about our new kid's sets and women's sets for Christmas gifts."

Has anybody ever tried taking them up on this? Is it a scam?
Usually too good to be true - really is.


I got a 50cal black powder rifle made by slotter for mccurry company good shape about 1855 what kind of $ vaul

Let me guess - it's from Warrior Custom Golf?

If so, I'd recommend you just ignore it. Let's face it - you get what you pay for. Good golf clubs cost money.

A friend of mine signed up to demo Warrior clubs. He ended up trying to send them back (prior to paying for them per their guarantee). The guy basically sales-called him until he just took them at a fraction of the price.

I guarantee your "golf product grab bag" is:

a. Full of worthless crap.
b. NOT free (see "just for doing an evalulation").
c. A waste of time.
d. A gateway to being called by this company for years to come.

My buddy had to basically pay them with a credit card for a set of clubs, and had 30 days to try them. If he shipped them back within 30 days, they would fully refund. If not, the charge would stick. When he called them, the guy basically knocked the price down 80% so he didn't have to get them back. I'm sure he didn't lose money on it - so take that for what it's worth.

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Im a golfer from phils. can anyone can tell me where can i buy the book copy of USGA and A&R..?

i did a deal like that one free hybred just pay shipping. you call and they'll want so much for a shaft up grade and so on. I hit the club maybee five times gave it to Pop on fathers day. he took me out of the will so its the least i could do

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