Any good/funny ideas for Awards at a golf day? (other than the usual nearest to pin, longest drive etc)?


Pc & Handicap Test?

Tattiest golf bag
Most lost balls
Worst fashion sense
Oldest clubs
Highest score on a particular hole

(You could guess I am not a great golfer!)

I meant the hazards and out of bound colors!?

Get a tyre from a car not attached to the hub just a tyre. The golfers stand on the tyre and swing to hit the ball. The longest drive wins.

What is your opinion of Tiger Woods?

how about shortest drive,worst tee shot,worst putt,times into sand trap.times hit spectators.

Golf Ruling - ball declared unplayable?

Hacker of the Day (ie. worst score)?
Bandit of the Day? (ie. spurious handicap?)

I once won the hacker prize, "Golf for Dummies" book!
I HAD to improve after that!

Can you show me a website that contains: Oak Hill Golf Course Country Club; Course Layout?

The Lawrence of Arabia Award - Most time spent in a Bunker (Could also be named after an army general of your choice)

The Oscar Wilde Award - For what was obviously a very good walk spoiled

The lumber jack Award - For the golf who spends longest in the woods?

How long does it take to play a round of golf?

Reward the "Hacker" of the group as well...deepest divot,lost ball award,shortest drive(shank),bunker blasting,broken club award for overall bad day...etc...the possibilities are endless,have fun.

Did Anyone Else's Emotions Flow When Tiger Won?

Most extravagant pants
Best caddying effort
Most spectacularly bad hole (for someone who just couldn't sink that putt)
Best "Jon McEnroe" moment
Most gallant in the face of defeat!

Does the lpga or pga employ hypnotherapists for players?

race to the 19th hole

Golf around San Fran?

Jacques Cousteau award - most balls in the water
Capability Brown award - biggest divot/best landscaping

Is anyone else having problems getting their Ryder Cup tickets? Mine haven't arrived and I'm worried?

Holes in one, out of a bunker.

What is the difference between a fairway wood and a hybrid club?

who hit the most greens,one hole drive with an iron and hit a fairway shot with your driver,who can hit the longest drive with the opposite hand

I am a cack-handed golfer. Should I stick with it?

best bunker shot
worst drive
longest putt made
most balls hit in water

How many arcers in a golf course?

ok, for a reward, do a longest drive contest...

if you want me to explain how its done hit meh back

and for the longest drive i suggest a new putter for the reward, not a crappy one but a decent to gret one.

and on two holes have one be a put with your driver
and another, putt with your iron, attracts alot of ppl unless your having a serious tournament, but a fun one would be adding what i said, along with watever else u want...

Will the Striped One win 11 tournaments in a row...or 12?

A good one I have used is the most accurate drive, a line is painted up the fairway starting near the tee and the longest does not apply to this award. Another one used is to paint 3 circles around a par 3 hole and the players must nominate which circle they will place the ball in to win a prize this one can be used to raise money also if it is a charity day the players place a bet to win.
Happy Golfing

Do girls have to tryout for the high school golf team?

May be you could draw the logo of your company on any one of the par-4 fairways, the player who lands the ball in the logo is the winner. If two or more players land their balls, then the one nearest the centre wins.

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